“Successful schools adopt a whole school approach to their use of the pupil premium that delivers on the full potential of every pupil, including nurturing their more able pupils to excel. Successful schools deploy the best staff to support their most disadvantaged pupils, and use their resources to develop the skills and roles of their teachers and teaching assistants.”

Sam Gyimah MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Childcare and Education & Minister for Pupil Premium)

Pupil Premium Network Meetings:

Many thanks to those staff who attended the first round of Pupil Premium Network meetings this term, and thanks to Elaine Hamilton (Northumberland Pupil Premium Consultant) for organising and leading the sessions.

Elaine invited Luke Bramhall, Poverty Proofing Lead from Children North East to present about the work he is doing across the North East. You can view Luke’s presentation here.

Do contact Luke directly if you would like any further information about poverty proofing your school.

Spring and summer term meeting dates are available here or see the Northumberland Education calendar.

Achievement Unlocked in North Yorkshire

Marc Rowland (who presented at our summer 2016 conference) has worked with North Yorkshire County Council to produce a report entitled “Achievement Unlocked in North Yorkshire –  Improving Outcomes for Disadvantaged Learners 2016/17”. Achievement Unlocked’ was a funded opportunity to work in a collaborative partnership with up to 45 invited schools across North Yorkshire county to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils. the outcomes of the project can be read here.

Disadvantaged Pupils Conference – July 2016:

As a step towards achieving success for our disadvantaged students we held a conference in July 2016 to look at what works, and what doesn’t, with regards to pupil premium children. Inputs from Andy Johnson, Marc Rowland, Claire Brown, Elaine Hamilton, Steve Williamson and Ashley Jardine were very well received and we are developing regional pupil premium networks as a result of requests from delegates.

Presentations and handouts from the speakers are available below:

Marc Rowland

Claire Brown

Elaine Hamilton

Steve Williamson

Ashley Jardine

Further resources you may find useful:

Supporting the attainment of disadvantaged pupils:  Briefing for school leaders (NFER)

Guide to Effective Pupil Premium Reviews (TSC) This includes the PP strategy documents Elaine Hamilton referred to.